Brake Tools

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  • BikeMaster Motorcycle Brake Piston Puller

    BikeMaster Motorcycle Brake Piston Puller

    Part Number: 151960
    • Sometimes, brake pistons can seize or stick in the calipers
    • You don't want to use vise grips, pliers, or anything else that will ruin the surface
    • Best way to remove brake pistons is by gripping the inside of the piston since scratches in this area do no harm
    • The harder you grip, the harder the puller grips
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  • BikeMaster Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Tool

    BikeMaster Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Tool

    Part Number: 151619
    • Accomplish brake bleeding on your own
    • Attach provided hose to brake nipple, then to bleeder tool
    • Then crack bleeder and pump the lever
    • Valve will stop air from getting back into the bleeder
    • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
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  • BikeMaster Motorcycle Caliper Piston/Brake Pad Spreader

    BikeMaster Motorcycle Caliper Piston/Brake Pad Spreader

    Part Number: 152257
    • Easily spreads brake pads and caliper pistons apart simplifying brake pad service
    • Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this tool gives you the leverage needed when installing new brake pads or reinstalling a brake caliper
    • Also makes reinstalling wheels much easier
    • Comfortable no-slip grips help you keep control
    • Corrosion resistant coating for extended tool life
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  • BikeMaster brake bleeder vacumm test kit

    BikeMaster Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Vacuum Test Kit

    Part Number: 151717
    Makes bleeding your brakes a snap and finding vacuum leaks easy. Multiple use tool for motorcycles, automotive and marine applications, this kit features extra-long 23-3/4 in. hoses and a myriad of adaptors, which makes this the choice for the professional or for the serious home mechanic. It features an all-metal construction body, heavy-duty pump and protective rubber gauge cover for durability and impact absorption. Comes in a sturdy, protective carrying case. High-quality gauge with readings to -1.0 Bar (-30 in./Hg) Learn More
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