BikeMaster Wide View Tube Motorcycle Mirrors

Available in beautifully chromed, hand-polished finish or powder-coated black finish, these mirrors feature wide view, rectangular distortion-free mirrors and tinted glass to reduce nighttime glare.
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BikeMaster Wide View Tube Motorcycle Mirror - Chrome 600306
BikeMaster Wide View Tube Motorcycle Mirror - Black 600307


  • One of the cleanest looks on the market with its machine-turned and rounded stem
  • Available in beautifully chromed, hand polished finish or powder-coated black finish
  • Tinted glass to reduce night-time glare
  • Wide view, rectangular distortion-free mirror
  • High quality swivel for perfect placement without slipping
  • Comes with two 10mm, one Yamaha 10mm reverse thread, and two Harley-Davidson® adaptors
  • Dimensions: 4 11/16"L x 1 15/16"W x 5/8"D
  • Stem Length: 5 1/2"

Note: Sold in pairs.

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