Full-Synthetic Oil

Highest quality ester/PAO-based synthetic formula provides unsurpassed performance and protection. Full-synthetic formula combined with the best additives available reduces engine, clutch and transmission noise and provides extremely smooth operation. Provides superior detergency and deposit control to keep engines running clean.
Description Item Price
Full-Synthetic 10W40 Oil 1QT 532322
Full-Synthetic 10W40 Oil 1GAL 532323
Full-Synthetic 10W40 Oil 55GAL 532324
Full-Synthetic 20W50 Oil 1QT 532325
Full-Synthetic 20W50 Oil 1GAL 532326
Full-Synthetic 20W50 Oil 55GAL 532327


  • Comes in quart, gallon and drum sizes
  • Grades available are 10W40 and 20W50
  • Meets or exceeds API SL and JASO MA2
  • Made in USA