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Polymer-Coated Offset Handle Ratchet Set

Polymer-Coated Offset Handle Ratchet Set
By Bikemaster October 15, 2019
BikeMaster's Offset Handle Ratchet Set is made from industrial-grade steel and completely coated with an eye-catching polymer that protects the tool and also protects the surfaces of whatever project you are working on at the moment. No more scratches or dings like with ordinary steel ratchet handles.

“The BikeMaster nylon ratchets both work good, and they won’t damage your paint if/when they come in contact with expensive coated finishes.” ~ Jeff Holt, V-twin Visionary

Each high-quality, smooth-action ratchet set comes with 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drives and a quick socket release function. The offset handle allows this ratchet to maneuver into tighter spots than ordinary ratchets, and the rubber handle has dimples for better grip and comfort.

At $54.95 for a set of three, these ratchets are an inexpensive way to protect your investment.

BikeMaster Product Number: 152219

Pair our ratchet set with BikeMaster Sockets and Wobble Extension Bars for a complete setup.


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