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BikeMaster Rebuild: CR125M

By Bikemaster November 22, 2019

The condition we received our 1974 Honda CR125M (yes, it should be silver and green).

BikeMaster ReBuild: 1973 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple - Part 3

By Steve Mayes September 17, 2018

We made good progress with the disassembly process, except when the BikeMaster shop reached 100 degrees.

BikeMaster ReBuild: 1973 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple - Part 2

By Steve Mayes July 24, 2018

With our Kawasaki H1 on the lift, it was time to get to work. Disassembly goes quickly, and it helps to take photos and mark parts as they are removed. The body tins (and yes, they are metal on a 1973) come off easy and we immediately feel a sense of accomplishment.

BikeMaster ReBuild: 1973 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple

By Steve Mayes June 12, 2018

We wanted to find a cool bike that would bring back great memories—and maybe even a few fears. The bike that came to mind does both: the Kawasaki H1 500 triple. The H1 was indeed a giant killer back in the day, and its reputation as a “flexi-flyer” preceded its notorious three-cylinder two-stroke engine.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Fuel Tank & Final Touches

By Steve Mayes January 29, 2018

We saved the fuel tank restoration for last. If you are planning to visit the Tucker Rocky/ Biker’s Choice Dealer and Brand Expo February 8th and 9th in Frisco Texas, please stop by the BikeMaster booth and check out our cool little Suzuki RM-100.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Wiring and Muffler

By Steve Mayes December 14, 2017

During a restoration project such as our RM100 rebuild, you may find yourself installing things sooner than anticipated.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Front Tire, Handlebars and Carburetor

By Steve Mayes November 9, 2017

It's always a refreshing sight to have your bike projects standing on their own and your parts bin becoming more and more empty. We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – The Front Forks

By Steve Mayes October 13, 2017

When working on a 38-year-old motorcycle, there are certain moments that will amaze you. One of those moments came when we disassembled the front forks.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Putting It Together

By Steve Mayes September 25, 2017

Now that we had the frame cleaned up and the seat recovered, it was time to install the rear wheel, rear brakes, brake stay and our new modified wide foot pegs.

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – The Assembly Starts

By Steve Mayes August 31, 2017

With the BikeMaster RM100 project bike stripped down, it was time to focus on the major components that needed some serious TLC. First on the list was the swingarm followed by the rear shocks.