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BikeMaster Rebuild: CR125M

BikeMaster Rebuild: CR125M
By Bikemaster November 22, 2019

Photo Above: The condition we received our 1974 Honda CR125M (yes, it should be silver and green)

At some point in the 1970’s, the swingarm was updated to a 1976 model. The seat has seen better days.

It is amazing the size difference of a 1974 CR152M to a modern motocross bike. What use to be thought of a full size bike is now considered tiny.

We took a little time from our BikeMaster project bikes to focus on new products for the upcoming season, but it is time to get back to what matters most… the motorcycles! We have been very fortunate in the past choosing some cool, iconic bikes to restore and our new project is no different. Our new candidate is not only iconic, but it also has a soft spot in the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts. One of the BikeMaster team members can remember vividly his oldest brother bringing home a nice, shiny 1974 Honda CR125m Elsinore. To a young boy, the Elsinore looked so big and so fast it appeared his brother was Superman to race such a rocket. It is amazing how time, technology and growing two feet taller changes one’s perspective. But nonetheless, the 1974 CR125M was a true game changer for motocross. Who can forget the first time they saw that striking bright silver body with the wide green fuel tank stripe and number backgrounds? She was beautiful 46 years ago and still is…….. well, she will be beautiful again after we are finished.

Finding a good example without braking the bank can be a challenge. However, with patience, we found a neglected one from a seller that was intending to restore someday willing to let her go for a bargain. It appears our new ride must have been painted the later RED CR color (1976) back in the mid 70’s. We also found that they updated the swingarm and shocks to keep the bike competitive with the new models. We will be converting our CR125M back to a more stock form. As with many projects, when you start looking at what needs attention, you soon realize the scope of the resources required to tackle the restoration. Thankfully, BikeMaster has the tools and replacement parts to make these projects go much more smoothly. So, stick around and let’s get dirty.

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