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BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Fuel Tank & Final Touches

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Fuel Tank & Final Touches
By Steve Mayes January 29, 2018

We saved the fuel tank restoration for last. It was obvious that our RM-100 project bike had spent a good number of years in direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun turned the nice Suzuki yellow plastic into a dull, light whitish-yellow.

Starting with coarse sandpaper and taking care not to go too deep into the plastic, we sanded the tank until the original yellow came back into sight. Even though this is a very time-consuming process going from coarse to medium to fine sandpaper, it allowed us to control how deep into the plastic we needed to go to bring back the original yellow color. It also allowed us to sand out some of the gouges from previous abuse.

We finished the tank with some white polishing compound and then a couple of applications of plastic restore top coat. This really made the tank surface come back to life.

Once the tank was mounted, we added the stock steel wire ties to secure the cables and wire harness. We also installed transparent yellow breather lines for a cool touch.

We tried to keep our project RM-100 as time-period as possible. However, we were not digging the stock 1980 graphics from that year, so we went with the 1978 tank decals. That is one of the best things about doing your own restoration. You can build your dream!

Years in the sun has taken its toll.

Sanding on the tank started with coarse paper...

..followed by fine sand paper.

The tank is installed and ready for decals.

The restoration on our Suzuki RM100 is finished.

Ready for the race track!

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