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March 2017

BikeMaster Rebuild: The Yamaha YSR-50 Body & Final Assembly

By Beth Rauch March 14, 2017

With our BikeMaster project YSR-50 mechanically sound and the wiring complete, we set our attention to the body.

BikeMaster Rebuild: The Yamaha YSR-50 Electrical & Wiring

By Beth Rauch March 9, 2017

The wiring harness is the spinal cord of your bike. It is one of those parts that takes a lot of time to clean. If you clean it, your bike will look new, but if you don’t, your newly restored bike could look prematurely old.

BikeMaster Rebuild: The Yamaha YSR-50 A Bike Emerges

By Beth Rauch March 1, 2017

One of the benefits of doing a frame-up restoration is you can change, clean or repair every nut and bolt if you wish to do so, as there is never a more convenient time. It is always satisfying to install parts that are clean enough to eat off of.