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BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Putting It Together

BikeMaster Rebuild: 1980 Suzuki RM100 – Putting It Together
By Steve Mayes September 25, 2017

Now that we had the frame cleaned up and the seat recovered, it was time to install the rear wheel, rear brakes, brake stay and our new modified wide foot pegs. The stock foot pegs on late 70’s early 80’s moto-cross bikes are pencil thin. By widening the foot pegs, it will allow for a little more grip and disperse bigger hits just in case we come up short on an obstacle while riding the RM100.

A BikeMaster Gold Heavy Duty Roller Chain added a nice touch to the drive line and it makes the bike look fantastic.

We decided to leave the ignition cover with a brushed finish and clear coat. The air box was missing a few parts, but you would be amazed at what parts are still available from your local dealer. We had no problem replacing the missing parts. This keeps us from having to struggle with 37-year-old rubber intake boots.

The top trees on our RM100 had a deep scratch that needed to be filed out. We spent a good deal of time with a wire wheel cleaning it up.

Once that was finished, we turned our attention to the exhaust pipe. Fortunately, the stock pipe was still straight and in good shape. We just needed to sand it and give it a coat of high temp black paint.

Now that the business end is almost complete, we can start to focus on the front end with a complete fork rebuild.

Rear wheel and wide foot pegs are is ready to install.

We added a new BikeMaster gold chain and rear sprocket.

The air box has been cleaned and the new components are ready for assembly.

The top trees needed some work and some “wire wheel” time.

The pipe was straight but needed some TLC.

The business end of our RM100 is almost complete.

Up next: Complete fork rebuild.